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My powerful ozone generator can eliminate odors
by attacking them at the source.

Call (850) 543 - 3105 for any questions or an appointment in the Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Pensacola, Florida area.

Here are some of the many reasons to have an ozone treatment:

  • Control Household Odors
  • Removal and Controlling Pet and Animal Odors
  • Cigarette and Cigar Smoke Elimination
  • Boat Odors
  • Vehicle Restorations
  • Fire Restorations
  • Hotel / Motel Room Odor Removal
  • Mold and mildew smells anywhere!

Control Household Odors...

One of the most powerful and effective eliminators of smoke and a myriad of other odors is ozone. My ozone generator machine utilizes ozone to destroy tobacco smoke and its inherent impurities plus odors from pets, cooking, mold, mildew and other household sources. Elimination of these hazards provides a much healthier atmosphere and a more comfortable living environment.

Removal and Controlling Pet and Animal Odors...

Pet area odors are very difficult to control. In residential homes, veterinary offices and kennels; my ozone generator can treat odor-holding surfaces and make the presence of animals hardly noticeable. The use of high ozone "shock treatments" helps remove foul pet odors. Disinfecting pet areas of molds and bacteria is beneficial for pets and their owners alike.

Cigarette and Cigar Smoke Elimination...
GET RID OF THAT STOGEY SMELL in your bedroom, office, living room or house. NOTHING drives customers out of your restaurant, bar, or pool hall FASTER than a room full of CIGARETTE & CIGAR SMOKE!!! My ozone generator works better than any smoke remover, ionizer or air filter for the removal of smoke odors.

Boat Odors...

Boats can develop strong fish, mold, and other odors. Ozone helps remove mold and fish odors with high ozone shock treatments. It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.

Vehicle Restorations...

Automobiles, vans, trucks, busses can be effectively deodorized and disinfected with ozone. Ozone has proven itself invaluable for used auto sales and restorations. Odors in vehicles can be very strong and persistent. With simple ozone shock treatments vehicles can be made to smell fresh. A fresher smelling vehicle will always sell faster and for more money after an ozone treatment. Comercial accounts available.

Fire Restorations...

Fire & flood odors are easily taken care of with my ozone generator. These odors, some of the most difficult to remove, can only be effectively removed with a powerful ozone generator. Shock treatment of high concentrations of ozone attacks these leftover odors so that rooms are again habitable.

Hotel / Motel Room Odor Removal...

My ozone generator can keep rooms and lobbies smelling fresher and cleaner. Actual cleanup time required is reduced enabling rooms to be in service faster. Rooms stay fresher longer and customers will appreciate the clean, fresh aroma. Ozone generators clean the air and reduces the risk of bacterial, viral and other infections. Applications are quick and easy and only require 20 minutes to treat the average room. Ozone has proven to be the most effective way to dramatically reduce room cancellations due to odor complaints. Comercial accounts available.

Mold and Mildew Smells Anywhere!*...

Mold is a major problem in today's airtight environments. Medical studies have found that mold & mildew are the #1 causes of allergic symptoms. Stachybotrys Chartarum (atra) is a greenish-black fungus found worldwide that colonizes particularly well in high-cellulose material, such as straw, hay, wet leaves, dry wall, carpet, wallpaper, fiber-board, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation, etc. The fungus (mold), before drying, is wet and slightly slimy to touch. This toxic mold grows in areas where the relative humidity is above 55%. Breathing in even dried molds of this kind can causes respiratory problems. Use of an ozone generator you can help eliminate and retard mold growth in your home. It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold.
*I am not a mold removal service. For total mold removal you must call a specialist.

Call (850) 543 - 3105 for any questions or appointment in the Fort Walton beach to Pensacola area.