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What is ozone?  

When the oxygen (O2) that is all around us rises to the upper atmosphere, and is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, that oxygen is naturally turned into ozone (O3). That is the "ozone layer" that protects us from the sun's harmful UV rays. Since ozone is heavier than air it naturally falls back to earth. This is the ozone that naturally purifies our air and water. Without ozone nature could not purify our Earth. Because it is made up entirely of oxygen ozone is sometimes called "activated oxygen". Ozone is NOT smog or pollution as sometimes mistakenly reported. Ozone is the second most powerful sterlilant in the world and its function is to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors.




Ozone also occurs commonly in nature as a result of lightning strikes during thunderstorms. The "fresh, clean, spring rain " smell that we notice after a storm results from natures creation of ozone. Ozone is also created by water falls. If natural ozone ceased to exist, life on this planet would also cease to exist. Ozone is nature's way of purifying the air we breathe.

High ozone shock treatments are very effective for removing stubborn odors like smoke, mold, and animal odors. It is useful to "blow out" an unoccupied room with a large amount of ozone to kill many of the odors and germs that may be present. This is completely different from the use of ozone for low level air purifying.

Air purifying is usually done with the ozone level set very low when people are present.

High ozone shock treatments are only to be done in rooms when no people, animals, or plants are present. This is because a high toxic level of ozone is needed to kill the germs, mold, and viruses present in the room. The ONLY way to truly sterilize an area of mold, bacteria, or serious odors is with these very high levels of ozone. You cannot totally "sterilize" of mold with lower air purification levels of ozone.

You may have seen many low output ozone generators or ionizers advertised TV or radio that claim they kill mold. While these types of machines may kill SOME airborne mold spores they cannot possibly sterilize a room of bacteria and mold, and have little or no effect on surface mold and bacteria. Sterilizing areas of mold and bacteria can ONLY be accomplished with levels of ozone Far Above that which we could normally stand to breathe.

Covering up a mold smell with an ionizer or low level ozone generator is NOT the same as actually killing a great deal of the mold present in a room. In fact we believe that low output ionizers and ozone generators are actually worse to use because they give the user a false sense of security because some of the mold odor has been covered up. However, since only the mold odor has been temporarily covered up, and the majority of the toxic mold is still alive, we believe this is a more dangerous situation than not using these cheap gimmick items to begin with.

The idea is to kill as much mold and bacteria as possible with high ozone shock treatments BEFORE using ozone at safe low air purification levels. We are sometimes asked whether these high ozone treatments are safe. They are safe because they are ONLY to be performed when rooms have been evacuated of any living beings. The operator simply turns the machine up to it's maximum ozone output, sets the countdown timer, and vacates the area.

Any warnings you have seen against the overuse of ozone in an OCCUPIED space
do not apply when performing high ozone shock treatments because they are ONLY done in UNOCCUPIED areas.

Ozone is the strongest available sterilizer known to man, yet it is safe because it is made up completely of simple oxygen, and completely reverts back to oxygen in a relatively short time.

That's one of the best features of ozone. It can be very toxic at high levels, which you must by definition of the word have to kill something, and yet have the ability to revert completely back to a completely non toxic state very quickly. Because of these amazing qualities, ozone may be the safest, yet most powerful, bactericides available.

Fungicides are great and do kill mold, yet they remain leaving toxic substances around your home.
While their strength diminishes it takes a very long time for them to completely vanish. Aged fungicides don't have enough toxicity left to kill any remaining mold, and they can't prevent it from coming back.
In other words you will still have toxic chemicals in your home, and they are doing little or nothing to prevent the mold from returning, yet these toxic substances could still be entering your body. When you use a fungicide it's not as strong as when using the proper amount of ozone to kill the bacteria, yet it is more toxic to us because it remains long after it is used.

Imagine a gas like ozone that is made up of something we depend upon life to breathe, being able to be concentrated to very high toxic levels that can kill any bacteria, virus, or mold known to man, that reverts completely back to it's non toxic form in a short time. Ozone is truly a miracle.

Ozone is the way nature purifies the earth, and truly one of God's greatest gifts to man.

High ozone shock treatments are done with the unit run at full power for a measured period of time in an unoccupied room. The more ozone you blast into an unoccupied room them more mold or bacteria you are likely to kill. These treatments are safe because once again, they are only done in unoccupied rooms. 

I simply turn the unit up to it's maximum capacity of ozone output, set the countdown timer, and leave the room. You can then return to the area an hour or more after the unit's timer has shut the machine down all the ozone will have reverted back to simple oxygen by then.

These high ozone treatments are what kill mold and bacteria, not the low levels used for air purification.